"Cooking is so tedious!"

"I want to cook, but it takes too much time." 

"I would do more than warm frozen food, but I ruin everything."

"While I want to save money, cooking is too overwhelming."

"I need to eat better, but I burn toast!"

Does any of this sound familiar?  Do you want to change the tune?  

Cooking for yourself is not an essential life skill, but it is one that can deeply improve your well-being, boost your health status, and bolster your bank account.  But it can be so tricky to cook when we are busy and loaded with obligations.

Yet, imagine if you felt really confident knowing the basics.  The trickiness mellows and the task of making a meal begins to be easy.    

This course has been designed as a 5-week / 4-class series to ease your anxieties and build your confidence.  Whether you are afraid to boil water or require 3 hours to assemble Blue Apron, this course will set you straight and put you on a path to ease and efficiency in the kitchen.  

Don't make assumptions!  This is not a gourmet cooking class . . . This is a day-to-day, packing kids lunches, making dinner in 20, get to work by 9 am cooking class!

We will  tackle the basics of cooking from the saute to the braise to the basics of flavor building and the many ways to cook an egg.  You will learn how to season and salt appropriately, how to multi-task, and how to properly prepare a stainless steel pan so your food doesn't stick!  Yay!!

Each class is carefully designed into a cohesive syllabus, layering skills from one week to the next.  

Here are the highlights:

  • Each class will be split between demonstration and hands-on cooking.
  • Emphasis will include how to integrate cooking into your busy schedule.  
  •  Knife skill basics will be covered in class #1, and reiterated throughout the course to lay the groundwork for efficiency and ease.
  • Perfectly scheduled on a Sunday afternoon, you will eat before you leave class (or take it home) and you will be prepared with some leftovers for the week ahead.
  • We will keep the momentum alive in between classes in a private Facebook group where you can post questions, recipes, and receive support.  
  • Videos will be posted that cover the techniques from each week so you can refer to them quickly.
  • You will also have homework assignments in between classes to simply cook and apply what we have learned.
  • Each student will receive recipes, how-to guides, and reference guides in a customized binder to fill as the class progresses. 

 If you are eager to improve your culinary skills, work out the kinks, understand the exceptions, and know how to whip up a meal with confidence and precision, join us!   

Scroll down for the details . . . 

The kitchen was a place of frustration because I didn’t know where to start, what to make or how to do it correctly. All those things stopped me in my tracks and I just ordered out. . . . I’m completely different now. Nancy showed me some basics that really allowed me to appreciate the artistry and precision of cooking. Knife technique, cooking temperatures, differences in pans and food prep all helped me to realize that cooking was accessible for me.
— Ryan B.

The details - Let's Get Cooking!

Class size will be limited to a maximum of 6 students.  Instruction will be a blend of  demonstration and hands-on learning.  Participants will work independently and in small groups to assemble dishes and practice techniques. 

 The recipes we will cover will include both meat and vegetarian dishes.  Most recipes will be naturally gluten free, and most allergens can be accommodated.

You will be provided with a 3-ring binder to collect the recipes and instructional guides distributed in each class. This material will compliment the content in class to support you when you go home.  

You will also have access to Nancy via email and through your private Facebook group throughout the series to address your questions in between classes.  The Facebook group will remain live through early November keep you going and to encourage integration of your learning.  

Each class will end with a cooking-oriented homework assignment that will build your confidence and put food on your table.  Video of techniques and strategies relevant to homeworkwill be posted weekly in the Facebook Group so you can refer back quickly and easily.

FALL 2017 ATLANTA Dates & venue- 

Grant Park, Atlanta (2:30 - 5:30 pm):

  • Sun, 9/24 

  • Sun, 10/1

  • Sun, 10/15

  • Sun, 10/22

All Atlanta Classes will be held in Nancy's Grant Park home. Participants will work independently or in teams to assemble recipes and practice techniques.  The class will utilize Nancy's adjoining dining room space in addition to her kitchen with access to gas stove, oven, and several induction burners. 


New York City - Early 2018     

All New York classes will be held at the Brooklyn Brainery.

More details to come in the Fall.  Stay tuned!

Nancy's Kitchen:  Everything + the Kitchen Sink

Nancy's Kitchen: 
Everything + the Kitchen Sink

Nancy's Kitchen :   Where the magic happens!

Nancy's Kitchen :  
Where the magic happens!

Brooklyn Brainery Work Space

Brooklyn Brainery Work Space

Brooklyn Brainery Kitchen

Brooklyn Brainery Kitchen

class Syllabus:

The following outline is subject to change . . .   

CLASS 1 - (September 24)


Knife Skills

Building Flavor, Introduction

Salt, Introduction

Dry Roasting / Toasting Nuts

Steam-Sauté Method

Chicken  Baked_foodiesfeed.com_spatchcock-lemon-chicken1.jpg

CLASS 2 - (October 1)

Sauté and Sweating

Pan Fry

Roasting / Baking & Brining

Searing and Braising


Late Summer Soup Image_from Food Blogga.jpg

CLASS 3 - (October 15)




Slow Cooking

Stocks & Broths

Eggs Boiling_foodiesfeed.com_hard-boiling-eggs.jpg

CLASS 4 - (October 22)


Eggs - Poaching, Omelets, Frittatas

Preservation & DIY Fermentation 

I have always been intimated by the kitchen and found cooking to be stressful. Nancy taught me how to sauté, grill, roast, chop and season. Now cooking on Sundays has become something I find relaxing and look forward to. This is a big lifestyle change, which I hope to continue to expand upon throughout my life. Bonus: Not eating out for every meal has also saved me hundreds of dollars!
— Ashley W.

Investment & Payment Structure (Atlanta):  

Atlanta's Early Bird Special (15% off through September 4th) = $455


Your investment covers:

  • All Ingredients
  • All Supplies
  • A Kitchen Assistant
  • Prep & Clean-Up Time
  • Recipes and Complimentary Learning Materials
  • Videos of Cooking Techniques Covered in Class
  • Facebook Group Hosting & Engagement
  • Email access to Nancy with a 36 hour response commitment.

Payment Structure Options:  

A $100 nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your spot regardless of the discounted rate you receive.  

You can pay the remainder of your balance in 1 of 2 ways:

  • Pay remaining balance in full on or before the first class on Saturday, September 24.
  • Pay your remaining balance in 2 payments
    • Payment 1 Due: September 24
    • Payment 2 Due: October 8

Nancy, I am really glad I held out and worked with you! You just exude a love for what you do, and a really fierce commitment to sharing your knowledge, your passion for food and cooking, and your belief that people can grow out of old patterns that do not serve. In short, you rock!
— E.T.

Nancy combines her training in nutrition and integrative health, a Masters of Urban Planning and over a decade of professional culinary experience in Radiant Health NYC.  She supports her clients to redefine how they eat and their relationship to food.  She guides them to build culinary skills, and fine-tune their pantries so they can feel amazing in their skin AND in the kitchen. 

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Please tell me about any food allergies, concerns or questions you have. I will follow-up with a clarifying survey to complete before class starts in order to learn more about your knowledge and starting point. Thanks!